Tina Han

Associate Principal Scientist

Tina Han

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

—the White Queen (Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass)

PhD, Biological Chemistry, UT Southwestern
BA, Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley
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Originally from Dallas, Tina completed her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley in molecular and cell biology with an emphasis in neuroscience. She returned to Texas to pursue her doctorate work with Dr. Steve McKnight at UT Southwestern, studying the behavior of intrinsically disordered domains underlying RNA granule assembly. Tina’s postdoctoral work at UC San Francisco aims to understand the biophysical mechanisms of non-apoptotic lipid scrambling, which plays a prominent role in extracellular vesiculation. At Dewpoint, she is returning to her scientific roots and is looking forward to pushing the limits of our understanding in condensate biology.

In her free time, Tina enjoys live music and is a fountain pen enthusiast.

Tina Han - hydrogels
FUS hydrogels. Reproduced with permission from Kato, Han, et al., Cell, 2012