Thomas Jahn

Head of Cardiopulmunary Disease

Thomas Jahn

“Folks, I don`t trust children. They`re here to replace us.”

—Stephen Colbert

PhD, Structural Biology, University of Leeds
Diploma, Biochemistry, University of Halle
Current Affiliation
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Thomas is Head of Cardiopulmonary Biology for Dewpoint Therapeutics. Most recently, Thomas was a Group Leader in the Neuroscience Discovery Organisation at AbbVie in Germany.

During his career in academia and pharmaceutical research, Thomas has founded a research laboratory at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg focussing on generic concepts of protein misfolding disorders and has held a range of leadership roles for pre-clinical drug discovery projects. He has key expertise in establishing innovative disease models and translational strategies, and enjoys developing new therapeutic modalities for challenging drug discovery targets.

Thomas is a biochemist by training, holds a Ph.D. in structural biology from the University of Leeds, and has performed his postdoctoral work at the University of Cambridge.