Theresa Simolka

Senior Research Associate

MS, Regenerative Biology and Medicine, CRTD at TU Dresden
BS, Biotechnology, University of Applied Sciences Mittweida
Current Affiliation
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Theresa received her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida and her Master’s degree in Regenerative Biology and Medicine from the TU Dresden. During her studies she joined different international research groups for interns and research assistantships, where she gained experience in microbiology, neurobiology, bone regeneration, and immunology. Theresa is excited to join the Dewpoint Team, as her passion for understanding processes going on within cells was always driven by the desire to make an impact on patients’ fates.
Outside of work, she is especially interested in all kinds of outdoor activities, for example spending time with her horse or going on a hiking trip with friends.

Theresa Simolka
Theresa Simolka outdoors
Theresa Simolka horse