Sidharth Sirdeshmukh

Research Associate II

BS, Biology and Philosophy, UNC-Chapel Hill
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Sidharth graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2021 with a double major in Biology and Philosophy. During college he initially worked in the Anton lab, where he learned molecular biology techniques to express point mutations in mouse models and analyze the effects in mammalian cells and brain tissue. He spent his remaining time learning mass spectrometry at UNC’s proteomics core, including standard LC-MS/MS and HPLC techniques, and completed his Honors Thesis during his senior year. Most recently, he contributed to collaborative research projects that spanned industry and academia as a Research Associate in the Broad Institute’s Proteomics Platform. Sidharth looks forward to applying his broad research background in his new role at Dewpoint Therapeutics, studying disease-relevant biomolecular condensate phenotypes.

Sidharth Sirdeshmukh
Sidharth Sirdeshmukh - outdoors