Shruti Jha

Senior Research Associate

Shruti Jha

The only two things that are constant about me are my curiosity towards science and my pursuit of being considerate towards others.

MS, Molecular Life Science, University of Bern
BS, Medical Microbiology, Pokhara University
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Shruti graduated with a BS in Medical Microbiology from Pokhara University, Nepal. She did her MS in Molecular Life Sciences at University of Bern, Switzerland. She worked as research technician at ETH Zurich, in the lab of Ruedi Aebersold, where she manufactured stable cell lines to investigate protein-protein interactions between virulent proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and human macrophage. She gained experience with RNA-protein interactions during her Master project in the Nowacki lab. At Dewpoint, she is interested in investigating protein-protein and RNA-protein interactions found in disease-specific molecular condensates.

Shruti Jha - hiking
Every day can be a happy day and every season is a hiking season.
Shruti Jha - moon
Midnight hikes on full moon are the best!!
Shruti Jha - rocks