Sarah Birke

Lab Operations Assistant

Sarah Birke

Personal Motto:
“Every new challenge is a gateway to new experiences.”

BS, Biotechnology, University of Zittau
Current Affiliation
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Sarah did her Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology at the University of Zittau. She then moved to Dresden and worked in the research labs of Prof. Michael Brand and Prof. Nikolay Ninov as a lab technician. There, she established lab routines and biological safety measures, managed databases and orderings, and was involved in various research projects. After this, Sarah joined Anvajo, an exciting start-up in Dresden that develops devices for fluid analysis. She is a true allrounder and ready to take on all lab management tasks.

Outside of work, Sarah loves spending time with her family and friends. She is also a passionate hobbyist sewer and enjoys being in nature and relaxing in her new garden.

Sarah Birke - sewing
Sarah sewing a cozy blanket for her little nephew.
Sarah Birke - hiking
Exploring nearby vineyards on a fall hike with her friends.