Rishabh Jain

Associate Principal Scientist

Rishabh Jain

“The computer in front of the eyes is never a substitute for the one between the ears”

—John Doench

MS, Bioinformatics, University of Texas
MS, Medical Biotechnology, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, India
BS, Biotechnology and Computer Science, Christian Eminent College, India
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Rishabh grew up in India in a small city known as “Indore” and earned his dual BS degree in Biotechnology & Computer Science from Christian Eminent College. Since the beginning of his career, Rishabh had an urge to utilize the power of computation to aid in research in biology and to be able to bridge the gap between the biologists and computational aspects of the research. To complete this goal, he earned his Master’s in Medical Biotechnology at Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, India. He then moved to the US and earned MS in Bioinformatics from University of Texas at El Paso.

Before Dewpoint, Rishabh has worked with Pfizer and PerkinElmer in early target discovery teams and accumulated knowledge in CRISPR editing, arrayed screening, laboratory automation, data visualization, imaging and data analysis. Rishabh likes doing biology experiments on a regular basis as much as he loves being on the computer to perform data analysis and software programming. He has a passion for learning new cutting-edge technologies and he is currently trying to understand machine learning and its applications in image processing. In his free time, he enjoys doing photography, loves to explore untouched natural places that are off the beaten path, and has a special bond with his guitar!

Rishabh Jain - volcanic
Volcanic landscape, Hawaii
Rishabh Jain - melting glacier
Melting glacier, Iceland
Rishabh Jain - no man's land
No Man's Land, Iceland
Rishabh Jain - geothermal
Geothermal area, Iceland
Rishabh Jain - Iceland
Shot on a road trip in Iceland
Rishabh Jain - impossible
Nothing is impossible