Molly Lorenz

Senior Research Associate

Molly Lorenz

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

BS, General Biology, University of New Haven
BS, Forensic Science, University of New Haven
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Originally from the North Shore, Molly moved to West Haven, CT, to pursue her degrees in Forensic Science and General Biology from the University of New Haven. She has worked in a multitude of scientific areas, including immunological therapies, analytical protein stability testing, and ancestral protein reconstruction methods effects on biochemical and biophysical properties, and most recently was screening cell-based small molecule therapies for rare diseases. She is joining the Screening and Automation group at Dewpoint, and is very enthusiastic about helping to provide faster, more accurate results to aid in the development of new therapeutics for the world of condensates.

Molly Lorenz - Ruxin
This is Molly's rescued rabbit named Ruxin. He is about 10 lbs, 2 ft long, and his absolute favorite treat in the world is a banana.
Molly Lorenz - favorite place
Molly took this picture, with a different view of one of her favorite places. She has been exploring more and more outdoor places since moving back to Massachusetts.