Marta Frigolé Vivas

Senior Scientist

PhD, IRB Barcelona
BS and MS, Pharmacy, University of Barcelona
Current Affiliation

Marta studied pharmacy at the University of Barcelona. During her undergrad studies she became interested in the drug discovery process and how the function of proteins can be fine-tuned by small molecules. This led her to pursue several medicinal chemistry internships in academic labs (national and international) and also in industry. In particular, she participated in a 1-year internship as a medicinal chemist at GlaxoSmithKline. For her PhD, she became fascinated by the world of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs), where traditional structure-base drug discovery methods cannot be applied. The results obtained during her PhD studies at the IRB Barcelona indicated that the framework of biomolecular condensates could offer a new and disruptive approach to drug IDPs. At Dewpoint, she aims to make drugs targeting condensates a reality for patients.

Outside of the lab, Marta enjoys being outdoors, especially in the mountains, doing all sorts of activities: hiking, skiing and climbing. She also loves driving around with her camper van.

Marta Frigolé Vivas
Marta Frigolé Vivas hiking
Amazed by the beauty of the first morning lights shining on the Midi d’Ossau
Marta Frigolé Vivas skiing
Ski mountaineering in Andorra
Marta Frigolé Vivas climbing
Climbing in Montserrat
Marta Frigolé Vivas camper van
Marta and her camper van