Hayley Smith

Scrum Master/Software Engineer

Bachelor’s Degree, Management Engineering, University of Waterloo
Current Affiliation

Hayley did her undergrad in Management Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada. This spurred her interest in software development and all things process. She’s worked in many different fields, from tech consulting at Deloitte to iPhone Quality at Apple, but always with a focus on software and improving processes.

Her experience with biotech began when she joined a startup called PhenomicAI as a software developer, which at the time had about 10 employees. The experience of working with a small team to build an AI bio analysis platform was exciting and invaluable. When the AI team transitioned from PhenomicAI to Dewpoint she was excited to get the opportunity to apply the platform on an even larger scale.

In her free time Hayley loves to read, run, and volunteer with an organization called Shelter Movers, which helps people experiencing domestic violence.