Han Chen

Senior Scientist

Han Chen

“Time spent among trees is never wasted time.”

— Katrina Mayer

Current Affiliation

Han is a biochemist and virologist, focusing on antiviral drug discovery. Before joining Dewpoint, she worked at Harvard Medical School, where she explored new antiviral strategies to screen small molecules against human cytomegalovirus infection. She also worked as a PI in studying the relationship between drug resistance and viral genome repair supported by NIH. Prior to working at Harvard Medical School, she had a one-year stint as a senior scientist at Microbiotix in Worcester. Han has been fascinated by the magic functions of small molecules, which not only act as drugs but also as tools to study biological systems. Guided by this interest, she pursued her PhD study in dissecting the signaling role of 2-oxoglutarate in Krebs cycle by use of a series of novel chemical probes. She then did a postdoctoral work with Dr. Don Coen at Harvard Medical School for antiviral drug discovery.

Outside of lab, Han likes hiking and biking.

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