Étienne Dumoulin

Group Leader, Imaging Analytics

MS, Computer Science, ISIMA
Current Affiliation
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Etienne is an AI specialist with 10 years of industry experience. He graduated in 2011 from ISIMA in France (Grande École d’Ingénieur), earning an MSc in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. He started applying deep learning techniques to the drug discovery space in 2018 at PhenomicAI, a startup based in Toronto. After successfully implementing a fully automated pipeline for quantitative and qualitative analysis in the context of High-Content Screening, Etienne and his machine learning team moved to Dewpoint where they are applying their expertise to condensate drug discovery.

Etienne specializes in insights automation. He worked with diverse technologies (AWS, Spark, Tensorflow), principles (Deep/Shallow Learning, Unsupervised) and data types (structured data, graphs, images).

Etienne Dumoulin