Edgar Boczek

Associate Principal Scientist

Edgar Boczek

“Patience is just another word for getting old.”

—Erlend Øye

PhD, Biochemistry, TU Munich
Diploma, Biochemistry/Biotechnology, University of Halle, University Zurich, Aberdeen University
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Dr. Edgar Boczek is an Associate Principal Scientist for Discovery at Dewpoint. Edgar studied biochemistry and biotechnology in Halle (Germany) and Aberdeen (Scotland), and worked in the lab of Andreas Plückthun at the University Zurich for his diploma thesis. There, he designed affinity selection displays for the development of tailor-made peptide binding proteins. He went on to do his PhD on protein folding and molecular chaperones in the lab of Johannes Buchner at TU Munich, focusing on the activation of Src kinase by the chaperone Hsp90. Intrigued by the groundbreaking discoveries by Tony Hyman and Simon Alberti, he became a Postdoc in their labs working on the quality control of phase separated compartments and their interaction with chaperones in vivo and in vitro. Outside of the lab, Edgar enjoys listening to and playing funk, old school hip hop, and house music as a DJ, and loves hiking, quality wine and good food, preferably in that order.

Edgar Boczek
Edgar Boczek