Christiane Iserman

Senior Scientist

PhD, Biochemistry/Cell Biology, MPI-CBG, Dresden
BS, Biology plus/international, University of Düsseldorf
Current Affiliation
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Christiane is a scientist who is fascinated in understanding how cells work and how this information could be used to find targets for the most detrimental diseases.

After studying biology at University of Düsseldorf and Michigan State University, Christiane did her doctorate studies at MPI-CBG Dresden, where she investigated how cells can sense and respond to stress via liquid-liquid phase separation.

Fascinated with phase separation, she moved on to study the role of phase separation in the virus SARS-CoV-2 at UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The experience of directly studying the processes that lead to a detrimental disease, showed Christiane that she wants to dedicate her career to find targets for drugs that will ultimately help sick people.

Christiane Iserman - headshot
Christiane Iserman