Beatriz Ferreira Gomes

Principal Scientist - Data Science

Beatriz Ferreira Gomes

To be great, be whole; / Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you. / Be whole in everything. Put all you are / Into the smallest thing you do. / So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor / Because it blooms up above.

—Fernando Pessoa

PhD, Biochemistry/Cell Biology, MPI-CBG
MS, Bioinformatics, Gulbenkian Institute
Bachelor's, Biology, University of Lisbon
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Bea did her Bachelors in Biology in the University of Lisbon, Portugal. As part of the last year, she learned Matlab and fell in love with programming.

She then did a Master’s in Bioinformatics in the Gulbenkian Institute in Portugal where she got to know centrosomes from an imaging point of view and set up to know what they are made of.

To that aim, she did a PhD in the Hyman Lab in MPI-CBG in Germany. She got immersed in the protein world from a biochemistry perspective and got to know what centrosomes are made of through in vitro reconstitution of the C. elegans centrosome. The centrosome is a biomolecular condensate that phase separates from the cytoplasm without the need of a membrane, like many other compartments in the cell. How awesome is that? How could we use the mechanism of phase separation to understand disease? Dewpoint combines the best of these worlds.