Leading thinkers in cell biology, biophysics, drug discovery, and medicinal chemistry come together at Dewpoint

Our colleagues are veteran drug hunters who have brought numerous life-saving therapies to market. They’re also talented musicians, avid outdoors people, fantastic photographers, and spicy food aficionados.

Nick Ramirez
Katy Foley
Dean Mula
Edgar Boczek
Mike Fenn - Brooks
Phi Luong
Anneke Kramm - travels
Kamran Rizzolo
Steve Dressel
Sid Beriane
Marija Ilic
Elina Sinisalo

Work with us

We are looking for passionate—and compassionate—scientists across a diverse set of scientific disciplines, including cell biology, high content cell imaging, biophysics, and proteomics.

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It's this open minded community we have here and you're respected even if you're not a PhD. You can still contribute no matter what level you're at.

Theresa Simolka

I have a voice here and I'm respected here.

David Dachille