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Primary programs

From the beginning, we recognized that with the breadth of therapeutic possibilities in condensate biology, exploring diseases on our own and with experienced partners would accelerate our growth and prove the value of this revolutionary approach.
We are partnering with the world’s leading pharma companies to explore modulating condensates to target diseases across many therapeutic areas, while growing an ambitious pipeline of our own discovery programs.
Additional targets in early discovery
Strategic partnership to drive Oncology pipeline to IND
*broadly applicable to Wnt driven cancers
**TDP-43 associated neurodegenerative diseases


Multi-year, multi-program research collaboration, option and license agreement addressing broad therapeutic area of cardiovascular diseases.  The partnership will leverage Dewpoint’s proprietary platform for biomolecular condensates and Bayer’s small molecule compound library and R&D capabilities to  identify and advance novel therapeutics.

Research and development partnership to identify drug candidates using Dewpoint’s discovery platform related to biomolecular condensates to treat insulin resistance. The partnership brings together Novo Nordisk’s global leadership in treating diabetes and metabolic diseases with Dewpoint’s groundbreaking discovery and AI technology platform to identify modulators of biomolecular condensates.

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Strategic R&D collaboration to advance Dewpoint’s leading oncology pipeline programs of condensate modifying therapeutics (c-mods) to Investigational New Drug Applications (“INDs”) using Evotec’s industry-leading fully integrated data-driven platform (INDiGO).

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Partnership to develop a suite of digitally discovered and automatically synthesized novel molecules on Chemify’s programmable chemistry platform against condensate targets of interest in Dewpoint’s oncology and neurodegeneration pipeline.

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