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Sujit Verma

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Sujit Verma

When he started his career, Sujit fell in love with robotics and automation and knew instantly that this was where he belonged. He has eight years of industrial experience in drug discovery, using robotics and liquid handling systems, and he has developed and validated enzymatic and cell-based assays for high throughput screening of small molecules. It’s fun to watch the instruments following the commands and doing the job more precisely and time-efficiently.

To advance his knowledge on assay development, Sujit did his Ph.D. on the development and validation of a novel assay, where he got insights of understanding the mechanism of how an assay works. His Ph.D. work allowed him to investigate all the tiny but important aspects of assay development and led to a better understanding of troubleshooting and validating assays.

Apart from work, Sujit loves hiking, canoeing and traveling to new places. He does like cooking, but it often ends up in disaster. However, he is great at barbequing – he just needs perfect weather and a few friends for a good barbeque!

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