Miook Cho

Research & Development
Miook Cho

During her Ph.D. training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Miook’s thesis was focused on the genetics of aging as the major risk factor for diseases in humans, followed by functional assessment of the associated genes.

Her interest in aging led her to a lab studying muscle stem cell aging and regeneration at Harvard Stem Cell Institute as a postdoctoral researcher. During the postdoctoral training, she worked on identification of signal transduction and transcription factor in muscle stem cell that are important in muscle regeneration after injury.

She joined Merck where she validated targets in various indications in the cardiometabolic disease area. She enjoyed learning about the targets and the biology of those diseases, and establishing disease-relevant cell culture models for validation and mechanistic studies of the targets.

She is excited to apply her expertise in molecular/cellular biology to targeting condensates for new medicine at Dewpoint.

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