Mégane Valero

Research & Development
Mégane Valero

Mégane comes from France and moved to Germany five years ago to do her Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Sanofi Frankfurt. Her Ph.D. project was about the development and application of innovative strategies to label small molecules and biotherapeutic drugs with isotopes to help speed up drug discovery.

She graduated in January 2020 and later on joined Centogene as a Laboratory Head in Frankfurt. Her role there in few words was to supervise a large and international team of research associates to process daily COVID tests. She joined Dewpoint in November 2021, in our Frankfurt office.

Outside of work, she is busy spoiling her cats, Pumpkin (8yo) and Flocon (2yo). If the weather is good, she enjoys cycling and hiking. She also loves going to wild parks and feeding the animals there. If the weather is bad, she appreciates spending a Netflix and chill day on her own or with friends and eating comforting food (that she would have cooked herself because she also likes cooking!).

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