Matthäus Mittasch

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Matthäus Mittasch

Matthäus is a scientist who has devoted his career in unraveling the physical principles of life. At Dewpoint, he utilizes his interdisciplinary background in nanotechnology, biophysics, and engineering to develop novel cutting-edge optical technologies for high-throughput screening applications.

Matthäus’s fascination for biomedical technologies was inspired by serving in the emergency room early in his career. He went on to study physical engineering, with a major in bio-imaging and laser technology. Completing the Nanobiophysics international master’s program at the TU Dresden and ETH Zurich, he specialized in theoretical physics and single-molecule optics. Matthäus performed breakthrough research during his Ph.D. work at TU Dresden, developing a unique interactive microscope that allows researchers to control motion and measure material phase transitions inside of living embryos.

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