Lakshmi Amaravadi

Head of Preclinical and Translation Medicine
Lakshmi Amaravadi

Dr. Lakshmi Amaravadi is Head of Preclinical and Translation Medicine at Dewpoint. She has over 25 years of drug development experience during which she contributed to registrational packages of over 10 marketed drugs and to the development over 40 preclinical and clinical drug development candidates. Her primary responsibilities included strategic and operational leadership of the translational sciences/medicine function, as well as leading cross-functional program teams.

She led her teams to develop and implement translational strategies (including biomarkers and bioanalytics) to support a variety of therapeutic modalities from preclinical to clinical, and post-marketing stage including development of diagnostic/CLIA assays. Her experience spans multiple therapeutic areas that include: Autoimmune, Metabolic diseases, Neurology, Oncology, and Rare diseases. Lakshmi is an internationally recognized expert in translational biomarkers and bioanalytics (PK and immunogenicity), authored multiple white papers, and collaborated with industry and regulatory leaders in developing best practices in this area. She also held leadership roles in professional associations such as American Association of Pharmaceuticals Scientists, where she is currently serving on the leadership of Biomarkers & Precision Medicine community. She is also an elected Board Member of AAPS.

Lakshmi received her PhD in Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology. Prior to joining Dewpoint, she led the translational science/Medicine teams at Biogen, Sanofi, Shire, and Boston Pharmaceuticals.

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