Kristin Dietrich

Research & Development
Kristin Dietrich

Kristin completed her bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida and her master’s degree in Regenerative Biology and Medicine at the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD).

During her student internships and assistantships in different research labs of the CRTD and the University Hospital Dresden, Kristin was able to obtain experience in research areas such as immunology, bone regeneration, neuroscience and tumor development. Contributing to many scientific projects, she learned various techniques for in vivo (e.g. zebrafish, mice) and in vitro (e.g. primary cell lines) experiments.

She is highly motivated to work with condensates and to address new opportunities in drug discovery and disease treatment.

Besides work, she is a passionate horse rider and enjoys being in nature or doing outside activities with friends. Also, she is always up for good food!

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