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Joia Miller

Joia first found her interest in biophysics and microscopy as a tool for quantifying the behavior of complex systems in college. That interest led her to Brandeis University, where she studied phase separation in colloidal membranes for her Ph.D. in Physics.

Since those membranes were two-dimensional, she decided to venture into the 3D world for a postdoc at Georgetown University, using high speed imaging techniques to view the interior of flowing suspensions with the goal of understanding how local fluctuations in particle speed and order relate to macroscopic shear thickening behavior.

At Dewpoint, she is excited to delve into the data side of the world of biological condensates.

Away from work, Joia loves exploring trails and green spaces, adding to her unnecessarily large to-read stack of books (mostly history and science fiction) and playing with different coffee brewing methods (the aeropress is her current favorite).

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