Francis Carpenter

Head of Data Science and Engineering
Francis Carpenter

Francis is a passionate and experienced leader working at the intersection of data science, product, and strategy across life sciences and healthcare R&D. As Head of Data Science and Engineering, Francis leads development and scaling of innovative, data-led approaches to enhance Dewpoint’s drug discovery and clinical translation efforts.

Francis joined Dewpoint from consultants McKinsey & Co and QuantumBlack, where, as an Associate Partner, he led cross-functional teams supporting biopharma clients to leverage state-of-the-art AI approaches to enhance their drug discovery and development efforts. He has experience leading AI and ML projects across the R&D value chain, from target discovery to clinical trial optimization. Prior to QuantumBlack, Francis was a Principal Product Manager at Genomics England, leading the teams that built the secure research environment and bioinformatics workflows used by thousands of researchers to analyze the whole genome sequence data of >150k cancer and rare disease participants. Francis completed his PhD in the lab of Professors John O’Keefe, Neil Burgess, and Caswell Barry, where he combined in vivo electrophysiology, chemogenetics, and computational modelling to study the mechanisms underlying the brain’s representation of space and how this supports long-term memory.

Away from work, Francis is happiest when he’s either cooking or eating, especially for or with his family. In between meals he tries to get on the tennis court as often as possible, but in reality is more often found watching Counter-Strike online.

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