Denise Schultz

Chief of Staff
Denise Schultz
Denise Schultz

As a lifelong advocate, Denise is passionate about the revolutionary potential of condensate science in increasing access to equitable healthcare and medicine. In her role as Chief of Staff, she uses this personal passion to help build Dewpoint’s innovative and inclusive culture, all while keeping the administrative engine running.

Denise began her career in the finance industry, making significant contributions to organizations in investment banking and financial planning. She then shifted her focus to public higher education and public policy, specializing on women’s representation and equality. Her work was instrumental in passing family leave, paid sick time and equal pay legislation for Massachusetts. In addition to her strong organizational and strategic skills, Denise has a long history volunteering, including as the inaugural Chair for the Metrowest Commission on the Status of Women and serving for four years as Vice-Chair of the Franklin School Committee.

When not doing these things, Denise is a proud mom, coffee connoisseur and travel enthusiast.

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