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Carla Alpert

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Carla Alpert

Carla is the consummate cell culturist and truly loves to grow, culture and train cells to show their biology. She’s been described as a “cell whisperer” and “cell guru”.

Prior to Dewpoint, Carla was at Merck Research Laboratories, curating the Boston site cell bank while also supporting a variety of biology programs. Before Merck, she was at Therion Biologics (cancer vaccines) and Transkaryotic Therapies (gene therapy and protein production) learning the ins and outs of cell line optimization and process development.

Outside of work, Carla enjoys photography, horseback riding, Bible study and homemade bread. She recently discovered archery and bought a big practice target in the backyard. So far, the target has little to fear. Update one year later: The archery target has grown worried. She no longer misses.

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