Jill Bouchard

Communications & Public Relations
Jill Bouchard

Jill is originally from Montana and completed her undergraduate degrees in chemistry and political science at the University of Montana. She studied biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame under the guidance of Jeff Peng, who has a wonderful ability to make the complex biophysics of NMR spectroscopy seem as simple as riding on a merry-go-round. It was Jeff’s emphasis on pictorial representations of science that inspired Jill to pursue a career in science communication.

She then went on to learn all about condensates from Tanja Mittag during her postdoctoral studies at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where she was fortunate to work with the St. Jude communications team and share research about a tumor suppressor that localizes to nuclear membraneless organelles. She is beyond excited to be a part of the Dewpoint team and help communicate the power of condensates in drug discovery.

When she’s not working, she and her husband are probably out walking their beautiful poochie, Lucy–rain or shine. Jill is a big fan of frigid cold weather, eating great food, and snuggling with her pets.

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