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Antonio Domingues

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Antonio Domingues

Originally from Portugal where he did his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Molecular Microbiology, António moved to the United Kingdom to pursue his Ph.D. studies in Cell Physiology and Pharmacology. His thesis work, Novel NMDA receptor splice variants, sparked an interest in the regulation of alternative mRNA splicing and a move to the MPI-CBG (Germany) where he started his journey into genomics data analysis.

As a bioinformatician, António has held positions in a sequencing facility, extending his knowledge of sequencing technologies, and then as an embedded bioinformatician in the group of Professor René Ketting (IMB, Germany), where for four and a half years he was involved in several fruitful collaborations with colleagues, including projects in condensate biology. In his previous position at the Scientific Computing Facility of the MPI-CBG, Antonio worked on a wide-range of data from long-read sequencing to proteomics.

Outside work, António can be found on a soccer pitch, cooking with the family or writing a blog post or two about coding in R or food.

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