Ann Boija

Head of Biology
Ann Boija

Ann leads Biology at Dewpoint, and is an expert in gene control, cancer biology, and condensate biology. She is passionate about advancing basic biomedical science into medicine to alter the course of disease and improve human health. 

Ann led pioneering research focused on the role of condensates in gene control and cancer therapeutic drug activity during her tenure at Whitehead Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Senior Researcher in the laboratory of Dewpoint co-founder, Richard A. Young. Her work led to several seminal discoveries in the field. One was the realization that the transcription factors’ propensity to phase separate, encoded in intrinsically disordered regions, contributes to gene transcription regulation. A second was that partitioning of anti-cancer drugs into condensates influences their activity. Together, these two foundational discoveries, paved the way on how Dewpoint approaches drugging ‘undruggable’ targets and optimizes condensate-modifying drugs (c-mods) for efficiency and safety. Ann has co-authored 18 peer-reviewed manuscripts in top tier journals, including seminal work on the role on condensates in cancer, and holds 4 patents on applications of biomolecular condensates in biology, drug discovery, and optimization. Prior to joining Dewpoint, Ann served as a scientific advisor for Syros Pharmaceuticals.   

Ann has a MS degree in Biomedical Sciences and a Ph.D. in Biology from Sweden. Outside of work, Ann loves traveling to new destinations, cooking, and spending quality time with her family. 

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