Andreia Vieira

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Andreia Vieira

Andreia is from Torres Vedras, Portugal. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Évora and a master’s degree in Biochemistry for Health from NOVA School of Sciences and Technology (FCT NOVA) – ITQB NOVA. Her master’s thesis focused on the optimization of the synthesis of zidovudine and uracil-based triazoles using copper and ruthenium catalysts.

Before joining Dewpoint, she integrated the team of POINT4PAC project on precision oncology by innovative therapies and technologies as a research fellow at the Medicinal Chemistry group of iMed.ULisboa. In 2021, she moved to Germany to work at WM Therapeutics as a chemical technical assistant.

When away from work, Andreia enjoys doing everything related with aquascaping/fish keeping, visiting zoos/wild parks or simply watching a TV show.

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