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June 25, 2024

Dewpoint Therapeutics Strengthens Collaboration with Novo Nordisk to Accelerate Drug Discovery

BOSTON, Massachusetts, June 25, 2024 – Just over a year after the start of its collaboration, Dewpoint Therapeutics and Novo Nordisk have decided to expand their research and development partnership. The new agreement utilizes Dewpoint’s high-throughput screening platform combined with genome-wide CRISPR screens.   

Key goals of the expanded partnership:

  • Leverage Dewpoint’s state-of-the-art platform and expertise in high content image-based phenotypic high throughput screening (HTS) with Novo Nordisk’s Target Discovery Engine.
  • Create translatable tools and procedures that, in the future, will be applied to expedite drug discovery efforts.

This new collaboration is a testament to the shared commitment of both companies to advance drug discovery and improve patient outcomes.

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Michael Fenn, PH.D.
Head of External Innovation
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