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Dewpoint is the first company to apply this emerging understanding of biomolecular condensates to advance a revolutionary approach to drug discovery. We believe that a vast range of conditions have pathways that are regulated by condensates or arise from the dysfunction of condensates — including cancer, neurodegeneration, cardiopulmonary and metabolic diseases.

The discovery of biomolecular condensates, for which our co-founder Tony Hyman was awarded the 2023 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences,  led to an entirely new understanding of biology and has transformed the way we think about the origin and treatment of diseases.

We are advancing these learnings to identify new targets and mechanisms of action across multiple biological pathways to develop therapies for difficult-to-treat diseases. Our research has the potential to be the next great leap in drug discovery and make a real impact on patients’ lives.

i to the power of 4 – the spirit of how we work

At Dewpoint, we’re not only leading a revolution in drug discovery, we’re re-defining the very spirit of what company culture can be. Together we’ve built a unique place to work. Our teams feel inspired, valued and included, and Dewpoint is a place where you can show up as your authentic self to impact science, patients and the future of medicine.

At the center of our culture
is a philosophy we call:
i to the power of 4
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Integrity makes our science credible and is the foundation of sustainable relationships


Being inclusive opens us to new ideas, new technologies, new collaborations


Innovation can unlock endless possibilities


Behind everything we do, there is an urgent quest to positively impact life

Hear from our team

Arpita Chowdhury

R&D, Dresden
For me, these are the non-negotiable conditions to have at work: The research I feel passionate about, a team that inspires me, a position that challenges me, a group that encourages and empowers me to do my best and, last but not least, an inclusive workplace that exemplifies the world we all want to create. Thus, here I am, as Dewpoint fulfills them all.

Anneke Kramm

R&D, Dresden
When I learned about Dewpoint for the first time, the one thing that immediately struck me was the fact that their website showed every single company member - not just leadership, board members or selected individuals. Everyone matters and that's how it is every day - Dewpoint puts people first, and everyone's contribution to the company's purpose and goals is valued and appreciated!

Bede Portz

R&D, Boston
I'm grateful to work at Dewpoint because I get to work among a highly talented and interdisciplinary team in pursuit of innovative approaches to drug discovery. Dewpoint is a place where I can work towards this common goal while also getting to be myself.

Crystal McKinnon

R&D, Boston
I feel supported and welcomed by everyone at all levels, and everyone is always willing to answer a question

Mandy Obst

R&D, Dresden
Dewpoint is a place where you can grow personally and professionally, and it's truly a place where you can develop your own ideas and contribute to everyone's success. Dewpoint is my place to be!

Phi Luong

R&D, Boston
There are many reasons I can give why I enjoy being a part of Dewpoint. There are amazing colleagues, strong leadership and everyone's persistent and compassionate effort in doing great work. There are also reasons that I am unsure how to elaborate with just words. Dewpoint simply makes me feel happy.

Sangram Parelkar

R&D, Boston
When I joined Dewpoint, I immediately experienced a high level of passion and drive amongst everyone for condensate drug discovery. Their all-inclusive and cooperative team spirit instilled in me a strong sense of belonging, community and a joy to work together for rapidly developing first-in-class drugs for a broad range of diseases.

Employee Promise

When we're asking you to achieve the extraordinary, we need to deliver the same for you. Our Employee Promise is our commitment to every person who joins Dewpoint and entrusts their career to us.

To every member of the, we promise:
  • A unique opportunity to be a part of a revolution in medicine working closely with condensate pioneers and global healthcare leaders
  • A thriving, diverse and multi-national environment partnering with top global pharmas
  • A genuine spirit of collaboration and learning supporting your development and growth
  • A culture of care and respect that fosters your wellbeing and values your contributions
This promise extends across every part of your Dewpoint experience.

Interested in joining us?

We pride ourselves on the diverse talents of our teams. We are always looking for skilled, driven people to help us transform the future of drug discovery.

We are actively looking for passionate scientists and leaders across disciplines.

If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you!

For every role, we hire based on talent, aptitude and an eagerness to learn and grow. 

We have the experience to help the right person further develop capabilities and thrive to their full potential.

So if you don’t see a perfect opportunity, but you’re still interested in being part of the, please get in touch.

Current Job Openings

For the next generation of brilliant scientists, we offer a paid internship and co-op program – if you’re interested in experiencing life at the cutting edge of drug discovery and development, get in touch to find out more.

Our workspaces

Dewpoint is an international company with research teams in Boston, Frankfurt and Dresden. Our offices, recognized as “award winning workspaces and labs” help to make Dewpoint a vibrant and exciting place to work.

Fostering communities & connections

Our caring goes beyond our walls to help our local communities thrive. You’ll see us walking the streets of Boston together to support ALS research, building robotic limbs in Germany for people without access to healthcare, or supporting a local Outward Bound program to build stronger, more equitable school communities by delivering free experiential learning programs that boost academic success and foster personal growth.
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