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A conversation with Tony Hyman

The most exciting thing about condensates is that we now see the potential to treat diseases which we have not been able to address with traditional drug discovery.

A daring vision

There are times when a discovery is made, and its importance is astounding. The discovery of biomolecular condensates is a revelation so profound it completely transforms the understanding of cellular function and organization.

We have advanced this new foundational principle of cell biology to shape a daring vision - that the dysregulation of biomolecular condensates explains the root cause of complex diseases and paves the way to novel therapies[...]

An Integrated Discovery Platform

To lead the way in the discovery of transformative condensate modulating therapies, Dewpoint has developed a fully integrated suite of technologies.

We combine expertise from complementary state-of-the-art experimental technologies with a powerful AI platform to develop powerful therapies across a broad range of therapeutic areas, including some of the most devastating diseases.

Translating condensate biology into medicine

An ambitious pipeline spanning broad therapeutic areas, targeting diseases previously considered undruggable.

A culture fostering innovation and caring

Our teams feel inspired, valued and included, and we have a lot of fun along the way. Dewpoint is a place to show up as your authentic self and make an impact.

We’re re-defining what the very spirit of company culture can be. We call ourselves the and together we’ve built a unique place to work.
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