We translate condensate biology into much-needed medicines.

We believe that biomolecular condensates

  • create dynamic, liquid compartments in cells
  • concentrate important chemistry in space and time
  • are central to neurodegeneration, cancer, and other diseases
  • will help Dewpoint discover important new drugs

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A new biology

Our founders and advisors explain how condensates drive cell function and solve biological mysteries.

Stressed cells form condensates.

Our impact

Condensates play a critical role in a wide range of important, once-intractable diseases. Dewpoint develops drugs that exploit this biology to hit “undruggable” targets.


Opportunities that excite us


  • Neurodegeneration
  • Cancer
  • Inflammation
  • Infectious disease
  • Metabolic disease
  • Rare genetic disorders

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Collectively we have...


Marketed drugs





About us

We are a dynamic young biotech company based in Boston, Dresden, and Berlin that is translating brand-new insights about biomolecular condensates into treatments for the toughest diseases.

In memory of our friend Suzanne, who gave Dewpoint its name

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Dewpoint strives to cultivate an inclusive international community that welcomes and empowers everyone. We reject racism, discrimination, harassment, brutality, and all other manifestations of hate.

We draw strength from diversity.

Join our team

We are looking for passionate—and compassionate—scientists across a diverse set of scientific disciplines, including cell biology, high content cell imaging, biophysics, and proteomics. If that’s you we’d love to hear from you, even if there’s not currently an opening that looks like a perfect fit.

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Steve Hale
At Dewpoint, we're obsessed with condensates, of course. But we also geek out about musical theater, fast cars, photography, and how to find the spiciest dish on any menu.

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Fascinating science

Mind-bending results that utterly change how we understand disease? That’s a Tuesday—and everybody on the team has a real say on what we do Wednesday.

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Good folks

You know that jerk who made life in your last lab miserable? They don't work here. But some of the nicest, smartest, goofiest people you’ll ever meet do.

Ambitious agenda

Interested in changing the way drug discovery is done while producing a whole new generation of treatments? Let's work together to make it happen.


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